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How does the Experts Industry Association celebrate Thanksgiving? As German we do not have such big feelings about it like Christmas f.ex. but since I am married with the American Margarete Wabnig from New Orleans the “big bird” in the oven is somehow mandatory….we eat sweat potatoes and salat with it. Margarete also made a great Ratatoui. Delicious.

Actually with this video my dear members of the Experts Industry Association I would like to invite you to join this project of a short video series of all members of the club. Until now we already have started since the 18th of November and enough videos until my birthday the 4th December 2011. You are welcome to send me a link of your video on Youtube or any other platform which offers the embedded code that it can be integrated on my blog! Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Best regards

The most important task in creating any business is  maintaining business relationships. Some people in the Experts Industry Association asked me what my focus is in  this website. My new mission is to talk to all in our network, one person per day. In one year I will have personally contacte all 311 members. The  video above was taken one year ago on November 24, 2011. Today is my birthday the 4th of December 2012. Your biggest gift to me? Talk to me:–)))

I created a little list of questions that I would like to talk with you about. It´s up to you in which direction we will develop the 10 minutes skype video interviews which I will publish on website. At the first event I took some interviews with members. The had no structure and all interviews were spontaneous while I was at the Experts Industry Associaiton event 2011. It´s all about branding….

Update Thanksgiving 2014 to start over again.

This is the list of my 8 questions or  ideas:

1) The book writing coach Rick Freshman 2011 asked us all in his speech to write a book  at the first event back in November 2011. How about you? Did you write your first book? Isn´t that a great feeling to express yourself…?

2) Did you use the content of the book to create other digital information formats of communication?

3) Which events of the Experts Industry Associaiton did you participate in? 2011, 2012 or 2013 or even all of them? What did you take home? If you joined them all: What were the main differences between these events in your opinion? Are there people you stay in touch with afterwards?

4) Are there any suggestions you might have to  improve  the next event in spring 2015? If so, I think it would be a great help for the organizer to discuss them in the facebook group. You are welcome to share them within the interview…

5) Has the Experts Industry Association had an impact on your life? Have you experienced a transformation? Did you execute the ideas you wrote down during the events in your empty book which was handed out at the beginning of the first event…?

6) What is your topic? Did you have a new one since you came across  the Experts Industry Association?

7) Who is your target market right now? How do you attract your market? Do you think about taking your product to the European market?

8) Brendon’s slogan is called: ” LIVE. LOVE. MATTER”.  Everybody has  his or her own values. Do you live your own values? Do you hang out with the people you like to hang out with? Do you think other people see you the way you think you would like to be seen?