Personal. Informative. Mobile.


Bernhard Fraling


I started a new life in New Orleans at the end of 2013… it´s amazingly different – living surrounded by so much love and friendliness in this city.

1. Apps Strategist  –  is a word I created as a result of my participation at the founding event of   Brendon Burchard‘s  former “Experts Industry Association” in 2011 in Santa Clara. He explained to us that anybody could be an “expert”. Very often it is just 10 %  more knowledge about a subject which is necessary to express an expertise.  It is only critical if you promise more than you can deliver.  Since 2011 the information world  has changed dramatically . It´s all out there. If you are willing to spend time online, almost every subject in business is covered digitally. What does count today is the ability to recognize and serve people´s needs.

2. Author

Why was I suddenly so interested in the mobile market? I wrote a book about my family. I wrote a book about international, national and personal goals and how to achieve these goals – “Everyday Is A New Beginning“.  I wasn´t even interested in having a mobile smartphone for a long time – I didn`t even like them because I had the wrong belief system that they are invented only to follow us – instead of  improving your life. There is a strong message in my book. I wanted to get this message out. I changed my mind about Mobile Marketing when I realized how strong the possibilities were to reach out and connect with people around the whole world with this new technology – and specifically with mobile smartphone apps.

3. Branding

The book World Famous of David Tyreman explains the wisdom of three word communication. My words are Personal.Informative.Mobile. That´s the identity of I am going to fill them with value step by step…a life long project… If you think about me, I would like you to think of this video of the Miroslaw Mateusz first. My Facebook contact Miroslaw is maybe one of the greatest video marketers in the world. I love what he does. Watch this example. It´s amazing, breath taking and inspiring……

So, what did you think about this one? Isn´t it a cool video:–))? Take a moment before you keep on reading… Watching and listening to this video gives you another perspective. Millions of people have done the same. That´s what Everyday Is A New Beginning is about. Instead of running after a unfulfilled passion I wrote down what I am curious about.  Do I live it? Hell yeah, more than ever. Do I love? I am more conscious about it than ever! Do I matter? I do not think about what people might say or do not say about me after I will have passed away. In 2017 I am going to write the English version of my book. I learnt so much about the way people interact in New Orleans.     It´s time to show my appreciation of “you ‘all”!

4. Informative Interaction – another invention of mine. Let me ask you a question: Do you use your smartphone actively for your work? For me it´s the most beautiful way to do my marketing researches… for example I do not even work in the printing equipment industry anymore since 2007 –  but they still feed me with e-mails all over the place. As you can see below, I have received over 180.000 e-mails within the last three years from all kinds of marketing. I love to analyze my inbox content when I work on “Capitalise on Capitalism Strategies”. No mire distractions. Focus is key!


On my journey, I used to collect links. Over 4000 Links since 2006 on the former Delicious  and stored endless amounts of digital material on my digital devices and in the cloud. Tons of knowledge on paper I printed and stored in my cellar in Germany became garbage because it is just not the way I communicate anymore. I only took my around 400 books with me – content of people with which I have a personal relationship or would like to start one with, if they are still alive. Some you can find on Good Reads. Interesting fact:  You reach only 30 % of the total world population only if you communicate solely in English.

5. Mobile movements start with branding interviews. I often create video interviews at conferences, trade shows, and other networking events.  Videos are still a big thing. Going live gets the highest conversion rate! Today internet is important, but it will never replace personal communication. I love to introduce people on my blog. It´s an ongoing process. I love to learn from others and see other people grow.

I want my website to be a hub for all people that I admire. Our home is a place to share our thoughts and celebrate great food with good friends. In New Orleans all business begins with building relationships, and more often than not, around a lunch or dinner table.  In case you didn’t know, NOLA is the world´s capital of COMMUNICATION and NETWORKING!

I feel it is so lovely that I can have both these days: Networking digitally and in person. I welcome you to my website, and I would love to hear from you, if you have any feedback. Thanks and have a great day!

All my best,

Bernhard Fraling


  • John Lawrence

    I look forward to meeting you on the 10th May Bernhard. An interesting little web-page.

    John lawrence